B*tch Slapped. Literally.

Q&A 4 with Laina



Realistic person

A You are not a realistic person, but I still love you.
B It does not matter whether you love me or not but I still love you.

Tumne Bataya Nahin

Main to tere sath hi tha,magar tumne bataya nahin.
Fir kya huwa?
Aisa huwa ki tumne bataya nahin.
fir kya huwa?
Bahut hawa aya fir sab udaya.

Rooster Fight

Once when rooster starts fight. Hens became worries.

Who came first? Chicken or Egg

Who came first? Chicken or Egg

Teacher why ?

Q teacher : 2+2 how much?

A student : 6

Teacher why ?

Student : Because once you told us 1+1= 3

A bizarre bazaar

Q: What is the difference between leaves and a car?
A: One you brush and rake, the other you rush and brake.
Q: What do you call a strange market?
A: A bizarre bazaar.